Defender Rally Series 2024 Partnered with Tata Elxsi

Defender Rally Series

Partnered with Tata Elxsi

This is the third year of this exciting off-road motorsport championship with the first race of the seven round series kicking off in at Walters Arena in March.

Through our Driver Development Programme, we offer comprehensive support and training, enabling participants to obtain the necessary licenses for UK and international competitions. With the guidance of experienced team members, a supportive paddock community is fostered, creating an unparalleled sense of camaraderie and enjoyment.

Novice and experienced rally drivers compete in specially prepared Defender 90s with dedicated works-level race support from experienced Bowler crew. Bowler takes care of all event logistics so competitors can arrive and drive.

Calum McKechnie, General Manager, Bowler Motors, said: “New for this season, a range of international destinations expands horizons, introducing clients to motorsport adventures that will stay with them for a lifetime.”

Find out more about our Driver Development Programme – your pathway to becoming a rally driver.

The Package

New Defender 90 – Rally Prepared and Road Legal

Finance available through Moorgate Finance

Race Season Entry into the Defender Rally Series, UK Championship

Comprehensive Training and Support

Rally Licence Guidance and Upgrade Support

Full Season Event Support and On-Site Caterer

‘Arrive and Drive’ Package Available

Exclusive Invitation to the End of Season Awards

Want to join the team and go racing? See the FAQ section below

The racing schedule for the 2024 Defender Rally Series is live – view online here.

The rally events have spectator areas; each event that we enter is run independently and will have their own methods of spectator sign-ups. We recommend reviewing the rally calendar to see where we’re going and contacting the individual rally events to obtain spectator tickets.

You would need to purchase a full rally specification car from us, which are available as LHD or RHD. The purchase of the vehicle also includes entry into the UK Championship, which consists of 7 UK races.

Find out more about our Driver Development Programme – your pathway to becoming a rally driver.

Packages for the 2024 Defender Rally Series by Bowler will start at £118,000 (plus VAT). A refundable deposit of £10,000 + VAT) is kindly requested to secure a car. The deposit becomes non-refundable upon signing the sales agreement. This price includes purchase and full ownership of a fully converted Defender rally car (on the road), management through nine events (seven race events and two training events), entry into the seven-round UK Championship with full Bowler Works Support, consisting of: a dedicated team of race technicians, event hospitality, professional guidance, access to a fully stocked spares facility (parts charged on event) and rally support. Please note, cars are pre-registered with first registration tax included in the price. Clients will be liable for standard road tax and insurance following hand over in March 24.

Competition Organiser Fees Competition organiser race entry fees are additional to the Car and Bowler Championship price; these can from £450 to £750 per round and cover the costs of the rally organisers i.e. marshals, safety staff, land usage and event management along with extensive logistical requirements of rallying. Clients may opt to include these fees within the vehicle purchase with any balance being settled at the season end. Bowler will manage payment and round entry directly with competition organisers. Competitors are required to complete 4 of 7 rounds to qualify for championship points.

To enhance client experience further, catering is provided at each round provided by our 3rd party partner – this includes hot food drinks and snacks. Please provide any specific dietary requirements and the team will ensure your needs are accommodated. Please note, drivers and navigators will be required to stay overnight for 1-2 nights dependent upon the rally and location. For 2024 we will offer a hotel booking service (if requested) with hotel costs being covered by the client. At each round we are also supported by our marketing agency who capture much of the action in video and photography. The output from this will be made available for use by clients for their own private or business purposes.

Full Season Logistics Support Package (Arrive and Drive) Bowler is pleased to offer a full season support package priced at £15,000 plus VAT. This package intends to make your 2024 Championship as simple as turning up driving the car and handing the keys back afterwards. This has proven particularly attractive for international competitors and those who are time poor or have limited space but want the utmost post-race technical support for their car.

Included in the full-service price is full vehicle management and logistics to and from each event/round, extensive cleaning, inspection and safety checks conducted at our Bowler workshop. Between each round, vehicles will be stored at one of our secure facilities. Within the price for 2024 we include minor consumable items such as Air Filters (every round) and minor labour. Note, any additional post event repair cost will be agreed with clients in advance and you and will be invoiced in addition to the full-service fee (this might include new tyres or damage components). Full-Season clients also benefit from a 20% discount on all part costs apart from tyres. Cars with this service level will arrive at each rally round fully fuelled (at cost to customer) and ready to race. Drivers are responsible for fuelling cars whilst on Rally Stages (in line with event regulations).

Our driver teams are welcome to apply for sponsorships from other businesses to help to cover the cost of their racing. If this is your intention, we can help to provide specific information relating to the Series that you can use in your overall sponsorship applications.

The majority of our clients are business owners, and they include vehicle graphics with their logo on the car. The 2024 cars will arrive painted Fuji White with the all-new Defender Rally Series Livery for 24. It will also contain adhesive regulatory plaques numbers and information. The 2024 Championship livery will be announced in due course; clients are of course able to apply their own colours and business logos. Owners may place their own sponsorship logos on their cars, however, priority must be given to the title series sponsor (and must be consistent across all cars). Further information will be detailed in the championship regulations and terms and conditions.

To gain enough Championship points, you will need to enter a minimum 4 out of the 7 UK Rounds.

We are able to sell you a new or used rally Defender, without the need to enter UK championship.

All cars in the Defender Rally Series are identical, to bring driver skill to the fore. The cars are the latest generation Land Rover Defender, which has proven to be an extremely tough and capable rally car, which continues to surprise and thrill anyone who has experienced it. The 2024 Defender Rally Series utilises the latest Model Year P300 SE Specification Defender as the base platform. This brings significant inherent capability and toughness further developed for the specific role of rally sport. The 2024 car has been designed to accommodate future upgrades should clients wish to participate in international events. Clients are essentially racing a production-based car with Bowler who is backed up by its parent company Jaguar Land Rover meaning access to parts and technical support is fully available should it be needed.

On occasion, clients in the Defender Rally Series choose to sell their car after a season of racing. We can help to facilitate the sale for you.

Clients might also consider the European Baja Series if they hold a national Race licence (this enables entry into FIA events).  Once the car is already owned, the price of entry is £70k+VAT (if client’s car is based in the UK) which includes all logistics, entry fees, international transport, management and hospitality.. this takes clients to a range of international events where they use newly acquired rally skills and compete in a field with T2 category vehicles, side by sides, trucks and motorbikes in some cases.

We provide full training and can take a novice or experienced rally driver; whatever your ability and experience, our expert coaches can take you further, via advice, training events and coaching through the various levels of rally licensing.

Rally Licensing: There will be varying levels of driver/navigator experience competing in the 2024 Defender Rally Series by Bowler. The Bowler team are on hand to support your individual needs and ensure that you are prepared from a licensing standpoint. In order to proceed, drivers and navigators must hold a British Association Rally Schools (BARS) Qualification, this is easy to obtain but requires a single day training at various locations within the UK – we actually have an affiliation with Silverstone Rally School and can organise training dates. Upon successful completion of the BARS, drivers/navigators also require an Interclub RS Rally Licence (available via online application from Note a BARS licence is not required for non MSUK rounds, therefore latecomers can obtain before the first MSUK rounds in April 24. For overseas drivers, the minimum requirement is a National Rally licence (or equivalent) issued by your National Motorsport federation. Additionally, navigators require a Rally Navigators licence or equivalent form the National Motorsport federation. For further details regarding international eligibility please contact us. We are able to connect you with UK based Navigators if required. For participants who might wish to swap Driver and Navigator seats throughout the season, they may apply for an ‘Entrants’ licence. This provides ultimate flexibility for ‘points’ accumulation. Our team are on hand to help you with queries relating to all of the above including navigation, licensing and general expectations whilst competing. Specific Details are covered in the official 2024 rally regulations (which will be made available in due course).

Find out more about our Driver Development Programme – your pathway to becoming a rally driver.

Bowler has partnered with Moorgate finance for 2024. Moorgate enable clients to fund cars and costs through their business. They have significant experience in financing motorsport and high-end cars. They can provide various products to help drivers achieve racing ambitions. Should you wish to discuss any options to finance your 2024 car and package, please feel free to contact: Connor Huntley, Account Manager, Mobile: 07950387841,

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