Bowler in the Media

Bowler in the Media – Autocar Magazine

28 Feb 2019

February saw Bowler featured in Autocar Magazine once again, as Richard Lane took the supercharged V8 Bulldog for a rather muddy test drive. Lane put the “astonishing” Bowler through its paces as he sent it flying over the jump at the Northamptonshire track where the test drive took place.

The article was very satisfactory for us to read here at Bowler as Lane’s report was in the most glowing of terms. He said: “You get charisma to match the absurd concept of a road-legal rally-raid car, but without the chuntering, rough idle and aggressive fueling that make race car engines such a challenge. Equally, the Bulldog’s engine fires readily, settles into a smooth idle and eases 1800kg off the mark effortlessly.”

He continued. “Even in the blank-cheque world of automotive extravagance, the big-displacement Bulldog has character to spare, incontestable credibility and quite astonishing versatility.”

Rightfully, the Bulldog earned itself a four and a half star rating.

If you didn’t manage to pick up a copy of Autocar featuring the supercharged V8 Bowler Bulldog, you can still read the article here.