Bowler in the Media – Land Rover Owner

22 Oct 2019

When Land Rover Owner found out about Bowler’s Arrive and Drive Services earlier this year, they were excited to simply advertise it in their magazine. So you can imagine their delight when we invited LRO to take part themselves!

LRO’s Martin Domoney (Workshop Editor) joined the Bowler Works Team this summer to compete in the Scottish Grand Safari using our Defender Challenge Vehicle. Martin has since written an extensive article about the experience, detailing both the happenings of the competition but also the level of support he received from our team. If you’d like to learn more about driving with us, the LRO September issue is now available.

Here’s a snippet from the article…

“Move it along, keep the power on’ Dave, my co-driver encourages me over the intercom. At this moment in time, nothing seems less natural than going for sixth gear; we’re already pushing the Defender to 70mph along the narrow track, with dense woodland to the left and a seemingly bottomless ravine to the right. Even meandering slightly off the driven line will result in total loss of traction and an unplanned trip into the Scottish hillside – the adrenaline is in full flow.”

For even more LRO and Bowler action, visit us at the LRO Show in Peterborough this September. Tickets are available here.