Bowler’s Quality Standards Recognised

Bowler’s Quality Standards Recognised

19 Jun 2018

Bowler has officially achieved and received ISO9001 (2015) certification, demonstrating our already embedded commitment to quality standards and continuous improvement. This achievement is testament to the skilled and dedicated staff at Bowler who have worked hard and as a real team through this lengthy but rewarding process.

Achieving ISO9001 status has been a priority for Bowler, to provide a globally recognised hallmark of our quality of products and processes. Led internally by Sam Bowler over a two year period, Sam and the team worked alongside support consultants from the highly regarded Society of Motor Manufacturer and Traders’ (SMMT) Industry Forum as well as the BSI awarding body and auditors.

Sam Bowler, Electrical Engineer at Bowler commented:

“Bowler has undergone a substantial business transformation in the last four years, growing from eight to thirty five people and redefining our business to be far more than just a motorsport company which Bowler has traditionally been known for. All areas of the business have had to change, adapt and progress to make us where we are today and whilst we were already following a number of processes informally, the ISO process has enabled us to document those more formally and achieve a constant and consistent benchmark and approach that everyone can follow, from people who have been here for 20 years, to those who are just starting.

“Working with Industry Forum and BSI during the documentation, auditing and accreditation process helped provide us with experienced guidance and support in areas where our internal skills initially lacked, which you would anticipate in a smaller company. It’s a great benefit for us internally but also our customers and suppliers. We export a lot of our products and also provide engineering services to the automotive industry so have a wide and diverse customer base. As we continue to progress our position as so much more than a motorsport company and challenge for new business in the UK and from overseas markets with our Bowler cars, parts and engineering services, having this accreditation gives a credible and globally recognised hallmark as part of our platform.”

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