Addison Lee Vice Chairman Chooses Bowler for Defender Conversions

Conversion Build Slots Available

31 Jan 2019

Bowler are currently accepting bookings for Defender Conversion build slots in late February. Our range of mechanical, engineering and aesthetic conversions and modifications are undertaken by the Bowler Factory team and designed to enhance power, handling, braking, comfort, styling and more.

The Bowler Fast Road Defender is the most comprehensive conversion package, complete with a Bowler build number and plaque, although different options and trims are available which can be tailored to suit individual requirements and desires.

Earlier this month, a customer collected his Defender 110 he bought to Bowler for a Fast Road Conversion. He said The Bowler Conversion is about function rather than simply form. Bowler underpins everything they do to the car with engineering and racing experience; everything has a purpose.”

He continued Building up a relationship with a company that puts such care into every detail of what they are doing is incredibly important to customers that are also enthusiasts. I don’t believe enthusiasts simply buy a product. We want to talk to the engineers, to understand what things do, how they’re made, how they relate to their car overall and how they want to use the car. You can do that with Bowler.”

Our conversions packages as well as individual parts are available to view on the Conversions pages of our website.

Book your build slot now or simply buy the parts to fit yourself. Call us today on 01773 824 111.