Defender Conversions Continue at Pace

28 May 2019

Despite production of the Land Rover Defender ceasing more than three years ago, Bowler successfully continues to convert road going Defenders at pace. Our upgrades combine performance, style and comfort to get the very best out of your Defender. Although we offer a variety of options, the way you upgrade your Defender is totally unique to you; no two Defenders have ever left our workshop the same.

A customer who recently picked up his Bowler Defender Conversion commented “The Defender is an incredible platform; it’s the modularity of it that allows you to create an individual vehicle with Bowler.” He continued “Innovation comes from small suppliers like Bowler. With over thirty years of experience; it’s in their blood.”

The Bowler Workshop is fully booked throughout June, however we are able to take bookings for Defender Conversions in July and August.

Please give our team a call today on +44 (0)1773 824111 to discuss how we can upgrade your Defender. If you don’t currently own a Defender, we’d be happy to source either a Defender that has already been converted by Bowler or a standard Defender that you can put your own Bowler twist on.