Race with Bowler in 2019

Race with Bowler in 2019

28 Feb 2019

Bowler is excited to announce our racing programme for this year. Whether you’re a Bowler owner or an Arrive & Drive customer, you can experience the thrill of extreme off road racing with the full support and expertise of Bowler’s Factory team in 2019.

The 2019 schedule includes four international endurance races:

  • Morocco Desert Challenge (11th – 20th April)
  • Spanish Baja (26th – 28th July)
  • Rallye du Maroc (3rd – 9th October)
  • Africa Eco Race (5th – 19th January) or Dakar (Date TBC)

Racing packages include:

  • Event entry fees
  • Full Bowler factory race support for the duration of the event
  • Vehicle logistics to and from the event
  • Hospitality (breakfast, lunch and evening meals)
  • Accommodation
  • Road books and all required race related material
  • Full organiser provided medical support and insurance

You just need to arrive at the local airport and Bowler will take care of the rest.

Race package prices start from £30,000 for the shorter 5-8 day events, for entrants who own their own Bowler car.

Details of costs and options for hiring a Bowler Bulldog for Arrive & Drive entrants are available on request, as these will need to be customised for individual driver/navigator requirements.


As well as our international races, Bowler will be attending multiple events throughout the UK in 2019:

The Hill Rally Championship:

  • Welsh Hill Rally (17th – 19th May)
  • Scottish Borders Hill Rally (16th – 17th November)

British Cross-Country Championship (BXCC):

  • Round 1: Walters Arena, Wales (6th – 7th April)
  • Round 2: Forrest Estate, Scotland (15th – 16th June)
  • Round 3: Sweet Lamb, Wales (13th – 14th July)
  • Round 4: Bovington North, England (10th – 11th August)
  • Round 5: Carno, Wales (14th – 15th September)
  • Round 6: Walters Arena, Wales (26th – 27th October)

Bowler is excited to not only defend their 2018 win at the Hill Rally Championship where we came first in class, but to take on the challenge of six rounds of the BXCC.

We will be offering opportunities for individuals to come and try racing for themselves at these events, starting in the Defender Challenge car, as the season progresses they will be able to use the 380bhp 8 speed auto box V6 110. Participants will be able to rent the vehicles per race with support from Bowler works mechanics, becoming part of the team for an experience you will not forget.

Are you interested? For further information regarding any of the events mentioned, please call the team on +44 (0)1773 824111 to discuss how you can take part in a racing adventure with Bowler’s acclaimed Factory team.