Technical Upgrades for 2019

Technical Upgrades for 2019

28 Feb 2019

A number of upgrades have been developed inside the cabin to aid both the driver and navigator. We now offer the fitment of an additional larger Motec Display in the center of the dashboard so both crew members can see vital information such as temperatures and warnings lights more clearly. The team now also offer an alternative navigation equipment layout, with the most critical equipment placed closer to hand. This also gives more space for any other equipment, pens, notes etc. that the Navigator may require. All of the Navigation equipment can now be mounted on a panel which can be removed without the use of tools to allow for easy access to the fuseboxs and aerial cabling should a problem arise

Our team has also developed an all-new rear subframe to retro-fit to existing bulldogs. This design uses rally proven uprights as used on Nemesis and EXR via custom double wishbones attached to a tightly packaged tubular subframe. Vehicles fitted with the new suspension will benefit from being able to adjust the ride height, adjustable progressive springs, superior handling, rebound control and most of all durability. Successfully completing Rallye Du Maroc and Africa Eco race, it has already proven its race potential.

Lastly, Bowler will be offering an engine swap for our existing Bulldog customers from V6 Petrol or Diesel to the 5.0 litre supercharged V8 petrol engine. Delivering 575PS through the same super slick 8 speed ZF gearbox to all 4 wheels it delivers an acceleration and noise that must be experienced to be believed. Please contact us for a test drive in our demo V8.

Please contact the team on +44 (0)1773 824111 for more information about any of our upgrades for your Bulldog or to arrange a test drive in our demo V8.