Thunderous noise and lots of wheel spin at the BXCC

30 Apr 2019

Earlier this month Bowler’s Works Team attended the first round of the 2019 British Cross Country Championship at Walters Arena, South Wales.

This was the debut race for the brand new V8 Bulldog. The “straight out of the box” car represents Bowler’s recent return to British Racing; the very roots where Bowler began over thirty years ago. Driven by Richard Hayward and his co-driver John Tomley the car made an excellent first appearance, as it fought to achieve a sixth in class position in the top class; a sterling effort for a brand new vehicle still in development. Considering the car had never turned a wheel before, they did very well. And it’s safe to say it was the best sounding car in the service park! With further upgrades being made to the car by the expert team of engineers at Bowler, notably to the rear suspension, we are on our way to improved performance.

It was also the first outing of the V6 110 since it has been revised following its initial release in 2015. Driven by Dave Marsh, the vehicle fought gallantly and was competitive in class until the team was unfortunately forced to retire at the end of the first day. Since the event Bowler’s team have been working hard on further developments for the V6 110. Dave and his co-driver Ashley Cackett clocked up some very promising lap times during Day 1, so we’re looking forward to seeing what they can achieve in future rounds of the BXCC.

As always we’d like to take this opportunity to give thanks to the team who fought valiantly to keep the cars running throughout the duration of the event, but also to prepare the vehicles before the event whilst contemporaneously preparations were being made for the Morocco Desert Challenge.

You can watch highlights from the weekend including an interview with Richard here.

Our next British event is the Welsh Hill Rally at Walters Arena on the 17th – 19th May. Please come and see the vehicles in action, meet the team and join us for food and drinks. If you wish to attend please email for more details.

Following the Welsh Hill Rally the Bowler Works Team will be present at the following British events:

BXCC Round 2: Forrest Estate, Scotland (15th – 16th June)

BXCC Round 3: Sweet Lamb, Wales (13th – 14th July)

BXCC Round 4: Bovington North, England (10th – 11th August)

BXCC Round 5: Carno, Wales (14th – 15th September)

BXCC Round 6: Walters Arena, Wales (26th – 27th October)

Scottish Borders Hill Rally (16th – 17th November)

We are also conducting a safari weekend on the 31st May – 2nd June. This will be an exclusive event where people can gain experience with the Bowler team. As an existing customer you can take part in your own car, or if you do not own a Bowler Arrive & Drive will be available.

If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity please call Charlie on +44 (0) 1773 824 111.